“We want everyone to get to a place where the idea of taking care of our City is embraced, and the idea that littering is OK is rejected. We especially want to make sure this principle gets through to our young people so San Francisco benefits for generations.”

San Francisco is naturally one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Unfortunately, some people think it’s OK to trash it. The Giant Sweep anti-litter campaign aims to stop that behavior and build a team to keep San Francisco clean and beautiful.

In February 2013, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and the World Champion San Francisco Giants launched Giant Sweep, a citywide campaign that brings together local schools, residents, businesses and community groups to create a culture of clean. Check out Giant Sweep in the news.

The Giants showed us last year that winning the World Series took a team effort that went far beyond individual heroics. The same approach is needed to attack San Francisco’s litter problem and cement San Francisco’s place as a world-class city where people want to live, work, and play.