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Pledges Signed

We all play a role in keeping San Francisco clean and beautiful. I pledge to keep

San Francisco a world-class city. By signing the Giant Sweep pledge, I agree to:

  • Put trash in the right-colored bin.

  • Call 311 if I see unwanted junk on the street.

  • Call 911 if I see someone tagging.

  • Keep my sidewalk clean. Sweep it up!

  • Not leave behind trash on the trains and buses.

  • Live by the motto, "Pack it in, pack it out," and leave the parks cleaner than I find them.

Questions? Contact us at giantsweep@sfdpw.org


Keep SF clean



San Francisco is naturally one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Unfortunately, some people think it’s OK to trash it. The Giant Sweep anti-litter campaign aims to stop that behavior and build a team to keep San Francisco clean and beautiful.

In February 2013, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and the World Champion San Francisco Giants launched Giant Sweep, a citywide campaign that brings together local schools, residents, businesses and community groups to create a culture of clean.

The Giants showed us last year that winning the World Series took a team effort that went far beyond individual heroics. The same approach is needed to attack San Francisco’s litter problem and cement San Francisco’s place as a world-class city where people want to live, work, and play.

Poster by Sophie Schneider